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Yarrilee Whole School Support Program

 Our Whole School Support Framework is a model to ensure that students receive the time and support they need to be successful.

It includes clear checkpoints to assess the extent to which all students are learning. When these checkpoints suggest that students are not responding to instruction, we commence  a smooth  process of determining what supplemental intervention may be necessary  to ensure that students begin responding as soon as possible. This approach involves all year levels, support staff, teachers and teacher aides to assist our students to develop to their full potential.

  • Our teachers deliver and differentiate instruction. They assess students regularly to ensure they are achieving curriculum standards, help diagnose to identify misconceptions in understanding to determine a specific area of need, monitor student progress to ensure that supports are working and communicate this information to other staff. 
  • Our Support Teachers Literacy and Numeracy provide support to teachers regarding the differentiation of their class programs and also assist teachers in the analysis of classroom data.  Our Support Teachers Literacy and Numeracy ( STLAN’s)  support identified students in both short term support  and intensive intervention programs in  Oral Language, Literacy and Numeracy.
  • Our Students with Disabilities (SWD) Teachers provide support to teachers regarding the differentiation of their class programs and assist teachers in modifying assessment tasks. Our SWD Teachers support identified students in Literacy and Numeracy disability support programs including focussed and intensive support.  
  • Teacher Aides help provide supplemental support to students and provide feedback regarding observations of student progress
  • We work collaboratively with clinicians when relevant to apply their recommendations to enhance learning access and success.
  • The Leadership Team oversee the Whole School Support Framework to ensure that we achieve our vision to “Develop the Whole Child through a creative, curious, capable, connected and caring community”.

Whole School Support Framework – Tiers of Support

Support and Intervention​
​Tier 1
​Class teachers and teacher aides providing high quality differentiated instruction and analyse evidence of student learning.
​Tier 2
​Focussed Support – additional short term, small group support with STLANs, SWD Teachers and teacher aides to assist students to master key concepts and skills in Literacy and Numeracy.

Focussed Support - additional support through disability specific programs with the SWD Teachers and Teacher Aides to support physical, academic, social emotional and sensory support needs through integrated learning strategies.
​Tier 3
Intensive Intervention Programs supported by STLAN’s and SWD Teachers to reduce the significant learning gap in Literacy or Numeracy or to provide further extension of learning.

​Intensive Intervention Programs supported by SWD Teachers and Teacher Aides to support students with highly individualised learning expectations and those students who require significant educational support.

Last reviewed 19 May 2020
Last updated 19 May 2020