Students at Yarrilee have the opportunity to be involved in a variety of extra- curricular and leadership opportunities.

Enrichment and Extension Programs

Yarrilee State School prides itself on “Developing the Whole Child” and in 2018 we commenced some very exciting Enrichment and Extension Programs aimed at taking our students learning above and beyond the classroom.

Continuing again this year are a range of specialised programs in which selected and identified students will have the opportunity to be immersed in workshops and ongoing training, working with both our talented staff and industry professionals.

Enrichment and Extension programs currenty on offer include:

  • Cheerleading

Cheerleading is a dynamic and physical activity that involves elements of dance, stunts (lifts), pyramids, tumbling (gymnastics) and jumps choreographed to music. Cheerleading and Pom is not only physical but also focusses on “life lessons” of respect, dedication, self- confidence, commitment, sportsmanship and most importantly team work.

  • Robotics and Coding- STEM Fest, Maryborough Technology Challenge and Robo Club

To enrich our school wide  Robotics and Digi Tech programs selected students will be identified and encouraged to participate in immersion programs to develop their creative thinking and problem solving skills as they design, construct, build and code robots to participate in various challenges and competitions.

  •  “STEM Fest” conducted in term 2 include Junior, Middle and Senior Primary divisions

  • “Robo Club”, lunch time enrichment programs, in which children and staff can design, build and code their own robots and create apps.

  • “Maryborough Technology Challenge” in term 3 features Sumo Robot Challenges. This year our students will also be able to utilize our FAB LAB Robotics and Tech Hub located in our school Resource Centre to design and make their own robots using software and our 3D printers.

  • Golf Excellence Program

We are very excited to offer a Golf Excellence Program at Yarrilee State School.

Golf is a life-long sport that demands the player to demonstrate a high level of social and emotional intelligence and etiquette and with multiple golf courses in close proximity to the school, this is a great opportunity to develop these skills within our students.  The program has been developed in partnership with Golf Queensland and a number of Australian PGA Golf Professionals.

  • Music Enrichment

Yarrilee prides itself on a strong music culture with many talented students playing a range of instruments across the school. This year we continue  to enrich our music students and extend their skills even further. Selected students from our guitar program as well as students in our auditioned performance choir, Yarrilee Voices will take part in  enrichment programs as they work alongside music professionals to compose and perform. Later in the year, our Junior and Senior Rockbands will join our Guitar and Choir students to participate in a second enrichment session here at school. We are very excited to offer these enrichment programs to selected music students.

  • AFL and NRL Development Teams.

Selected students will be encouraged to join the Yarrilee AFL and NRL Development teams. These teams are targeted at our upper school students as they train and compete in local competitions and further afield. Mr Grimsley will coach our AFL team and Mr Boon our NRL team.

  • Young Authors and Illustrators – Write and Illustrate a Book in a Day.

Our talented and budding authors and illustrators will be encouraged to participate in our Young Authors and Illustrators Program. Selected students will participate in an immersion program for a day as they collaborate to plan, write and illustrate a book in a day. The finished masterpieces will then be published and shared with our school community.

This program will be offered to Middle and Senior School Students

  • Maths Team Challenge.

Each year Yarrilee hosts the Maths Team Challenge in which schools from across the region converge on Yarrilee to compete in team and individual Maths challenges aimed at Middle and Senior School Students.

Selected students will participate in immersion days and sessions to put their brains to the test and develop their problem solving and mathematical reasoning skills.

Last reviewed 18 May 2020
Last updated 18 May 2020