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What Did Our Robotics Teams have to do at the Technology Challenge?

Recently our very talented Robotics Teams participated  the Maryborough Technology Challenge. Our children were placed 1st and 2nd in the Midget Sumo Rescue Robot Challenge and 1st  in the Monster Sumo Rescue.
The challenge they were presented with was:
CHALLENGE- Someone has sent a distress call asking for a rescue. There are 4 victims trapped on a sinking water tank in a chemical spill (sumo ring). Your team’s mission is to design, build and program a robot to rescue the victims.
The chemical spill (sumo ring) can only be found by following the road. The robot should find the chemical spill, locate and push or drag the victims from the chemical spill to safety as quickly as possible (push the cans out of the ring) and dispose of the mad robot (push your opponent out of the ring).
Design and construct an autonomous robot to “rescue” the victims by travelling along the black road and rescuing the victim located in the chemical spill area.
There are 2 divisions for your robots:
Midget Division: Robots will be categorized into the Midget division if the robots weighs less than 750 grams.
 Monster Division: Monster robots are categorized as weighing larger than 750 grams but less than 1250 grams.
Have a look at our hardworking and talented students involved in this great learning opportunity.
We are so very proud of you all.